Additional Deposit Services


The 24-Hour Service Advantage will allow you to get information on your accounts, transfer money between your checking or savings accounts and make loan payments – all from your telephone.

To access information, you will need your bank account numbers and your four-digit personal identification number "PIN". The last four digits of the primary accountholder's social security number have been assigned to as the temporary PIN. The first time you call to access the accounts, you will required to change the temporary PIN to any other four-digit number. This will be your secret number so no one else will be able to access your accounts.

To get started call 423-526-5100 or 877-275-6839 (toll free)


$13 yr.
$30 yr.
Tazewell Only
$16 yr.
$30 yr.
Main Branch, Tazewell, Harrogate
5x10x20   $40 yr. Main Branch, Tazewell, Harrogate
6x10x20   $45 yr. Main Office
7x10x20   $45 yr. Main Office
10x10x20   $70 yr. Main Office & Harrogate  
Late Fee $10.00 Late fee after 60 days late.

*New Safety Deposit Box Rental Customers must have a deposit account

*Additional fees may apply for box repairs or lost keys.


With Remote Deposit, you can scan and submit your checks electronically from the convenience of your place of business. No more wondering whether traffic or bad weather will delay timely posting of deposits. No more writing out deposit slips. No more trips to the branch. No more waiting in line. No more playing “beat the clock.” What does this mean for you? Your valuable time is not spent traveling to and from the branch, allowing you to focus on growing your business.


What is Remote Deposit?
Remote Deposit is a business customer's ability to capture the images and transaction information of checks accepted for payment and deliver this information electronically to a financial institution in a format such that the checks can be processed as if the original items had been physically received and captured. These electronic items can then be delivered to other financial institutions via an approved file format.

Remote Deposit is simple. There's no software to install, no computers to upgrade, and no PC to dedicate exclusively. All you need is an Internet-enabled PC with a browser and the check scanner we provide.

How does Remote Deposit work?
You accept check payments from your customers. Using Remote Deposit, you scan and submit those checks securely over the Internet to us. We pick up your remote deposits and process the checks accordingly. It's just that simple!

What are the benefits of Remote Deposit?

  • Convenience – No more daily trips to the branch. Deposit checks right from your desktop.
  • Expanded cutoffs – Extended deposit window.
  • Reduced expenses – Saves time and money. Eliminates the cost and liability of regular trips to the branch. Reduces deposit preparation costs. Fewer NSFs.
  • Faster clearing – Speeds up the availability of funds. Improves cash flow.
  • Streamlined operations – Automates the process of creating deposit tickets. Improves posting accuracy. Centralizes deposits from satellite offices with one financial institution.
  • Peace of mind – Reduces the risk of fraud.? Assures deposits are being made daily.

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