Save for America School Savings Program

Citizens Bank is a proud member of the Save for America School Savings Program, which offers children a chance to learn about saving first hand.

Save for America Savings Program  The Save for America School Savings Program is supported by the U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Treasury, Savings Bond Division, The White House, The Federal Reserve, San Francisco Branch, and National Association of Elementary School Principals because it has a curriculum that will help teach children how to save money while helping with math and other skills.

By participating in the Save for America program, your child will learn what a savings account is, the advantages of saving, how a savings account grows as it earns interest, and how to compute interest. Your child will be able to actually "go to the bank at school". Kathryn Love, also know to local children as "The Bank Lady" makes weekly visits to the following schools:

  • Alpha PreSchool
  • Clinch-Powell Educational Co-op
  • Ellen Myers Elementary School
  • Forge Ridge Elementary School
  • Heritage Christian Academy
  • HY Livesay
  • Midway Elementary School
  • Powell Valley Elementary School
  • Sharps Chapel Elementary School
  • Soldiers Memorial Middle School
  • Springdale School
  • Clinch Powell School
  • TNT School
  • TNT Head Start
  • Tri-State Christian Academy
  • Washburn Elementary School

CLICK HERE to access the program's brochure entitled "I'm Learning to Save at School".

Because Citizens Bank believes so strongly that your child's participation in the School Savings Program can help them make good money handling decisions as they become adults, we provide a $1.00 coupon to open your child a School Savings Account.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Kathryn Love at 423-526-5005.

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