John Buis Building – First building in 1912.
Citizens Bank moved to Main Street in 1926
Main Office; occupied in 1966
Harrogate Branch; occupied in January 1978
Tazewell Branch established in December 1978
Bean Station Branch established in October 1997
Morristown Branch established in June 2003

Our History

Citizens Bank was founded in 1912 by a group of businessmen in New Tazewell, Tennessee, to create an alternative source of banking services in the area. The capital stock was $12,000. The bank continued its growth in the area and made its mark as a good business neighbor.

During the dark days of the Depression, Citizens Bank gave its customers a sense of support and security. The bank did not foreclose on businesses or farms during this period, allowing customers with delinquent loans to catch up as times improved for the country. As the Depression passed and the economy stabilized, the bank continued to prosper. In 1953, Citizens Bank opened its first branch in Harrogate, Tennessee, and has opened three more branches since that date in Tazewell (1977), Bean Station (1996) and Morristown (2003). The Morristown branch opened with an emphasis on growing the commercial business of the bank. With the completion of this branch, the original staff of two employees that the bank started with in 1912 had grown to more than 60 employees.

When our country again fell on hard times in recent years, Citizens Bank continued to stand behind its customers, offering a safe, secure and stable banking environment. Citizens Bank is FDIC-insured and an Equal Housing Lender.

Since its beginnings, Citizens Bank has enjoyed not only growth but innovation as well. In 2004, the Bank changed its slogan to “World Class BankingHometown Service” to better communicate its mission to expand its products and service offerings as it maintains its focus on individual customers.

Recently in 2014, the Bank changed its slogan to“No More Banking as Usual.” This change is to communicate its mission to be different from everyone else - different than ever before. Citizens Bank’s goalevery day is to deliver customer service that’s not just better than any other bank, but that’s even better than
the service they delivered yesterday.

To better serve its community, the Bank is constantly driven by a desire to offer the latest in technology and consumer- and commercial-oriented products, including online banking, a wide range of commercial credit and business management offerings, and personal investment services.


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